Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Makes It An Adventure

I started this blog in 2009. Clearly I am a regular blogger... hmm. So here goes: the good news! I won't update often! The bad news.. I won't update often.

So many of you kind people asked if I would be starting a blog to keep up with adventures, travels, pictures of food, the usual. And I thank all 3 of you for reading this far. To recap on the last 3 months, one of my dear San Diego Kensington roommates, Rebekah, got married to a wonderful chap named Aaron. My other dear roommate Laura and I were left with no eminent plans of marriage and therefore endless possibilities! ;) She and I packed up the house and moved on. 2 Laura's, in 2 Mazda's, with 2 dogs. (we should have started a blog then - oh the adventures) She jumped ship in northern california and my cousin Caleb, Scout and I continued to Virginia. I was planning to get a short term job as a PT, which unfortunately fell through. I have since been an office assistant, house cleaner, attic junk remover, interior design consultant, personal physical therapist to a laboring sister, aunt of the year, babysitter, calligrapher for hire, canine groomer, graphic designer, stained glass photographer, mosquito assassin, mountain biker, ebay seller, craigslisting fiend. I mean seriously... I haven't had time for a job!

Whats next? Peru. I'm leaving September 9th for 4 months at least to serve at a school, Manos Unidas, in Cusco Peru. I'll be volunteering as a PT at a Peruvian school which is specifically for children with special needs. I'll be helping the staff physician with plans of care for the kids, adjusting wheelchairs and equipment, and interacting with the families of these children as well. There isn't a defined role for me, which gives me the autonomy to prioritize and determine where the needs really are. I'm excited! And when I'm not at the school, I'll be taking spanish lessons, exploring the city, and hiking Machu Picchu, all boring stuff really.

As far as money goes, since I'm volunteering for those months, i won't be making any :) But the age old answer applies: Trust the Lord. and get creative! I've been as resourceful as I can this summer and the Lord has already provided in many ways here and there! And here is another little "here and there" that I'm starting to hopefully generate some income before and after I leave. I've started a little amateur endeavor on etsy and other online avenues.

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Thanks for sticking with this first long ramble. I've very excited for what the Lord has ahead of me. I've already been tried and tested on different levels to keep my eyes and my heart fixed on Him. This process has not been easy, and I never want my life to seem like its something that it isn't. Its more like a roller coaster between the lowest parts of the earth and outer space- at least I'm not driving! I just can't see too far in front of me and that's what makes it an adventure.